Nan Lutz

Nannette Lutz was a daughter, a sister, a wife and a mother. She was born in Mount Holly, NJ on June 3 1959, the baby of five. Always living a simple life, she moved to Southampton in 1978 to create a family of her own. She enjoyed playing pool and cards with her girlfriends and crafts and sewing on her own. She was a devoted wife for 20 years and a mother of three.

First diagnosed with brain cancer in 1998, Nannette underwent surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. A year later she was in remission. Living a semi-normal life again, with the exception of no peripheral vision and a poor short term memory, she continued doing everything she has always done in the past. But in August of 2004, the cancer came back. She went through similar treatments as before – surgery and chemo, but the cancer was too strong. On March 27, 2005 Nannette Lutz lost her battle with brain cancer.

The last year of her life was rough. Her husband, daughters, siblings, parents and friends took turns visiting the house and making everything as comfortable as they could. Being out of work for almost a year, her husband stood by her side until that Easter Sunday. The only thing that really got us all through that time was the constant support and love coming in from all angles.

The Nan Foundation is here exactly for that reason. To provide support for those that may not be as fortunate as our family was. We want to be able to lend a hand in some of the financial burdens that may occur and lend a shoulder to lean on. The Nan Foundation is here to assist those affected with or by brain cancer, and to make life a little bit easier when you feel that it can’t get any worse.