About the NAN Foundation

The Nan Foundation is a fairly young non-profit, all volunteer organization whose purpose is to assist families and patients afflicted with brain cancer. Our members have experienced this first hand and wish to reach out to these families at this very difficult time. The support we received was very helpful. Nothing can ease the pain but caring support does help to address the everyday issues.

Our goal is to assist families with clothing, housing, utilities or any other necessary living expense incurred during this time which they are unable to meet. All requests are carefully documented for authenticity. We also hope to extend our moral support to those who will allow us into their lives at this most private and agonizing time. Having a shared experience is a very bonding element for human beings.

We feel these efforts are a lasting legacy we can leave for our loved ones in honor of their memory and their devotion to family. We thank you for your time and consideration of our request and for your participation in our efforts.

The Nan Foundation was created by the families of two women who lost their battle with brain cancer. The Foundation’s mission, through fundraising and donations, is to assist those afflicted by this disease by lessening some of the financial burdens these individuals and their families may endure.